A series of steps toward a grand garden:

Some landscaping projects require each step, others fewer – it all depends on the nature of the task at hand.


  • Developing a thorough understanding of your needs, goals and constraints
  • Carefully appraising your site to identify and enhance natural assets
  • Considering all means of maximizing environmental sustainability
  • Agree budget to ensure your expectations are met
  • Developing a shared understanding with the any architects or consultants involved


  • Assigning a design principal to realise your vision and dreams
  • Collaborating with the implementation team with regular reviews during the design process to ensure most cost effective construction
  • Assessing scope for waste minimisation– of resources and time
  • Internal peer reviewing as part of the design process
  • Liaising with the Natural Habitats’ pool, irrigation & lighting and tree care specialists where appropriate, to maximise outcomes on site
  • Documenting your vision into design concept


  • Agreeing the contract price, scope and timetable


  • A master landscaper manages all activities to ensure hassle free on time delivery
  • Early procurement of stock - ensuring value, quality and availability
  • Familiarising the construction team with the designer and the design process to ensure there is tight team delivery
  • Sharing lessons learnt during site preparation with the head contractor
  • Delivering your ’grand garden


  • Protecting and enhancing your investment - a commitment to your landscape to ensure it reaches its potential post build phase
  • Our care services include: garden care, lawn care, tree care, lighting, irrigation, advice, encouragement and forward planning